The 116th Congress

Watching Rep. Liz Cheney nominate Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the house on some tirade about how much Republicans have done for the people and the “evils of socialism” is laughable at best. It was drivel, pandering to the lowest common denominator.

Also, please re-read the Bill of Rights where you educate us all on how our rights were bestowed to us by “god.” That word doesn’t appear anywhere in the Constitution. We bestow our rights, and as such can change and adjust them as see fit. The whole point of the Constitution is that it is a living document. That’s what the founders intended. There is no way they intended thoughts and ideas from 1776 to persist 240 years later. They were philosophers and problem solvers. We need more of those.

Ms. Cheney, do you seriously believe all of the shit you say out loud? Come on.