The 116th Congress

Watching Rep. Liz Cheney nominate Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the house on some tirade about how much Republicans have done for the people and the “evils of socialism” is laughable at best. It was drivel, pandering to the lowest common denominator.

Also, please re-read the Bill of Rights where you educate us all on how our rights were bestowed to us by “god.” That word doesn’t appear anywhere in the Constitution. We bestow our rights, and as such can change and adjust them as see fit. The whole point of the Constitution is that it is a living document. That’s what the founders intended. There is no way they intended thoughts and ideas from 1776 to persist 240 years later. They were philosophers and problem solvers. We need more of those.

Ms. Cheney, do you seriously believe all of the shit you say out loud? Come on.

never every road

there are many paths,

many places



for one reason

or another,

we will never walk.

the grass will remain


the gravel


and the dust


The Death of Majesty

Finally was able to get up to Malibu today. The devastation from the wildfires last month is immeasurable. 97,000 acres of beautiful land, burned to ash. Over 1,600 structures destroyed. 3 people died. This is completely separate of the Camp Fire that burned in Northern California at the same time. Our environment is at critical mass.

I used to head up to Malibu more often than I do now to clear my head and write at a Starbucks right across from Zuma Beach. I’ll usually leave West Hollywood early in the day, taking the 101 North, and the Kanan Road exit. It’s an amazing drive through the canyon, a few tunnels directly through the Santa Monica Mountains, and finally down to the Pacific Coast Highway.

Before the relatively quick descent, there’s a turnoff that I usually stop at. It’s lined with tan-colored boulders, mostly to act as a barrier for any unruly driver, but they make excellent seats as most of the tops are flat. I would stop and gaze out over the majesty sprawling out before me. On a clear day, you could see all the way through to the ocean, which is about 4 miles away. I’ve taken photos from the same spots, more or less, over the last few years.

Today was vacant the sound of birds, or the green hues of a vibrant planet. Left were the remains of a world burned.

It’ll be another 25 years before it begins to look like I remember it.

I adore the ethereal qualities of black and white.