Quick! Someone go back in time and ask Michael Knowles to prom so he can stop being a butthurt know-it-all and complaining about proactive women for the rest of his life.

The 116th Congress

Watching Rep. Liz Cheney nominate Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the house on some tirade about how much Republicans have done for the people and the “evils of socialism” is laughable at best. It was drivel, pandering to the lowest common denominator. Also, please re-read the Bill of Rights where you educate us all on […]

Focus, Refocus.

Approximately 24 hours ago, I deleted all of my personal social media accounts. This blog was born out of that impulse. I had already deleted Facebook back in February, but Instagram and Twitter were a hard habit to kick. I swayed back and forth on it, took a short break occasionally, but everyone would always […]